Nights are tough in Neo Sushi City, and hunger spares no one. Only the most hardboiled of sheeps can safely deliver sushi fast enough to save the starving inhabitants of this ravaged metropolis.
Play as Hitsuji-kun, and use your trusty grappling hook to swing through buildings and alleys, locate the sushi, and deliver it to your targets.


  • A: Jump
  • B: Grappling hook / release
  • Left-Right: Move / swing (while hanging from your grappling hook)
  • Up-Down:  Reel-in and reel-out (while hanging from your grappling hook)


  • Zalo (@Zal0)
  • Jesús Márquez (@Kirblue)
  • Maikel Ortega (@MaikelOrtega_)
  • Sergeeo (@sergiodeprado)

Made for the #gbcompo21

Powered by ZGB

Source code available on github

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsZalo, Kirblue, Maikel Ortega, sergeeo


Download 128 kB


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Just got a chance to play this. Great work! Reminded me of Ninja Five-O

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This is a really great submission! The grappling mechanic is really fun to use and the character designs are very charming. Super impressed! Well done!


Feels really good to play, and looks great. Nice work!


Wow! Great game. The Grappling hook works very well! :)