What's This?

This is a game for Game Boy / Game Boy Color made using ZGB for ZGBJAM2 in just 48hrs :) The theme was "I'm hungry".

You can use an emulator or the real hardware using a flashcart (Game Boy / Game Boy Color / etc.) to play this game! With the awesome magic of archjs and Gambatte you can now enjoy an emulator right in your web browser too!

Source code is available on github

How to Play

- Z makes the chopter fly
- X drops the claw
- Left/Right keys to move

Search the chicken on the map, pick it with the claw and find the Kaiju to feed him.

Careful with the cave walls!!

Special Thanks:

Thanks to everyone who joined the jam!!

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Tags8-Bit, choplifter, chopter, Game Boy, gbdk, handheld, kaiju, Open Source, Retro, zgb


KaijuFeeder.gb 64 kB

Install instructions

Download and play it in your emulator or original hardware using a flashcart!


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I like this game!!! Awesome!!

¡Very good one! Love the graphics and the physics! I would work on balancing and adding more levels, the second one is a bit too challenging :D I'd like to write music for this some day if you want :]